Our Team

Handpicked by Chef Emmanuel Stroobant and Chef Kazumine Nishida,
Shoukouwa Shinjidai’s dynamic team of chefs offers kaiseki-inspired cuisine with a creative spin.

Emmanuel Stroobant
(The Boss)

With a career history spanning over 30 years,  Emmanuel Stroobant has not only established Saint Pierre as one of the longest running French dining destinations in Singapore but has also retained Two Michelin Stars for the restaurant since 2019. A true appreciator of the symbiotic synergy between French and Japanese cuisine, Emmanuel’s culinary journey led him to establish Shoukouwa Sushi Restaurant in 2016. Shoukouwa Shinjidai is his creative distillation of both culinary art forms. A firm believer in nurturing the next generation of chefs, Emmanuel has assembled a dynamic team to lead Shoukouwa Shinjidai.

Kazumine Nishida
(The Underboss)

With over 20 years of culinary experience, Kansai-born Kazumine Nishida has amassed the meticulous skills and knowledge of a world-class itamae (sushi master). He moved to Singapore in 2016 to assume the role of Sous Chef of Shoukouwa before he was promoted to Head Chef in October 2019. In its first year of operation, Shoukouwa Sushi restaurant earned the distinction as Singapore’s first and only sushiya with Two Michelin Stars, an accolade it has retained for the seventh consecutive time.

Kazumine is passionate about transmitting his knowledge and the intricacy of the Japanese culinary craft to his team at Shoukouwa Shinjidai.

Gabriel Low
(The Fixer)

For 20 years, Gabriel Low has navigated his career through the ever-evolving F&B landscape. Kick-starting his career at Shangri-La Kuala Lumpur, he joined Saint Pierre in 2014 and was exposed to the intricate world of fine dining under the tutelage of  Emmanuel Stroobant. This formative experience in French cuisine honed his attention to details and laid the groundwork for his mastery when he joined Shoukouwa Sushi restaurant in 2017 as Sous Chef and again in 2020. Working alongside Nishida cemented his passion for the art of omakase. A brief interlude dabbling in Italian cuisine expanded his culinary repertoire before his return to Saint Pierre in 2021 as Sous Chef.

Gabriel’s role as The Fixer sees him working with the team to elevate the art of culinary craftsmanship, ingeniously blending tradition with contemporary flair.

Luqman Nul Hakim
(The Finisher)

An observant introvert, Luqman began his career as a Commis Chef of  Shoukouwa Sushi Restaurant in 2020. His first immersion in Japanese cuisine was guided by Nishida who saw his potential and it wasn’t long before he was promoted to Chef de Partie. Young and raring to go, Luqman already has two pre-opening experiences, first as part of  the opening team of Seroja, a One Michelin-Starred restaurant, where he was Chef de Partie, and now with Shoukouwa Shinjidai.

Wilson Lim
(The Handler)

Wilson’s love for Japanese cuisine led him to pursue a career as a sushi chef. Having worked at several Japanese restaurants, Wilson is on a continual quest to elevate his experience and learn from the best shokunin. As “The Handler”, he is the integral link between the prep work that goes on inside Shoukouwa Shinjidai’s kitchen and the culinary gems that are presented at the counter. Under the tutelage of Chef Nishida, Wilson further hones his skills in sushi making to present an impeccable kaiseki-inspired journey for Shoukouwa Shinjidai’s diners.