Welcome to Shoukouwa Shinjidai (新時代)

Experience kaiseki-inspired cuisine with an innovative and cosmopolitan edge at Shoukouwa Shinjidai (新時代), an exciting spinoff of Two Michelin-Starred Shoukouwa Sushi Restaurant. Nestled in the heart of Orchard Road, the 13-seater contemporary Japanese restaurant is a creative collaboration between Two Michelin-Starred Chefs Emmanuel Stroobant of Saint Pierre and Kazumine Nishida of Shoukouwa.

Pushing the boundaries of traditional Japanese cuisine while preserving the essence of time-honoured techniques, a team of chef-mavericks crafts each course using the finest seasonal ingredients.

Shoukouwa and Shoukouwa Shinjidai focus on culinary craftsmanship and seasonal ingredients of the highest standard. While Shoukouwa emphasises traditional Edomae sushi, preserving age-old culinary techniques and classic flavours inherent to this style, Shoukouwa Shinjidai ventures into the realm of modern kaiseki, with each course ingeniously reimagined for avant-garde palates. Diners enjoy a gastronomic meal in a fun ambience, amid a background of modern pop-jazz and soft rock music.

Both establishments offer an intimate dining experience, where guests are seated at the counter and are served each course individually, ensuring an immersive dining journey.


Traditional Edomae sushi, focusing on classic flavours and techniques.

Culinary Approach

Contemporary Japanese cuisine showcasing diverse dishes and applying modern culinary techniques to traditional Japanese cuisine.

Omakase-style dining experience, where customers are seated at the counter and served each course individually.

SErving Style

Kaiseki-inspired dining experience, where customers are seated at the counter and served each course individually.

Use of fresh seafood ingredients. Primarily focused on seasonality of ingredients.


Use of fresh seafood ingredients. Explores different sushi styles and offers a broader range of preparations. Primarily focused on the seasonality of ingredients.

Emphasis on simplicity in the presentation. Focus on the quality and natural beauty of the ingredients, with clean lines and precise arrangements.


Artistic and creative plating. Incorporate non-traditional ingredients and garnishes to create innovative flavour profiles, textures and colours.